過去の多くの実績を元に企画立案を行います。パースや3Dデザインを積極的に取り入れて、ビジュアルイメージを重視した「わかりやすい企画」の ご提案を心がけております。

We will make a plan based on many past achievements. By actively incorporating perspective and 3D design, he is trying to propose an "easy-to-understand project" that emphasizes visual images.



Utilizing the network of 10 production bases in Japan and overseas, we will consider the optimum production method and realize high cost performance.




In addition to the sense of security such as "delivery time" and "quality above specifications", we also support the creation and attachment of manuals, the establishment of a "customer window" by telephone, etc., considering the follow-up of end users after delivery, and of course PL insurance. Since we are doing so, we will take all possible measures in case of any trouble.